October. The 69th Koganei Campus Festival

September. Poster Presentation

September. Online Farewell and Welcome Party

Apri. 2021 Online welcome party for new lab members

Jan. 2020 Man presented his paper and won the Best  Paper Runner-up Award in MMM 2020, Daejeon, Korea

Dec. 2019 Man presented his paper in CVMP 2019, London, UK

Nov. 2019 Hoang presented his paper in PCS 2019, Ningbo, China

Nov. 2019 Autumn group outing

Sep. 2019 Entrance Ceremony

Aug. 2019 Chi presented her paper in ISAIR2019, Daegu, Korea

Jul. 2019 Summer group outing

Apr. 2019 Spring group outing

Apr. 2019 Jinjia gave a talk in Video Live Stack Conference, and Jay attended DCC2019

presentation day_edited.jpg

Jan. 2019 Jinjia visited National Central University, Yuan Ze University, and Tamkang University in Taiwan

Jan. 2019 Jinjia visited A*Star, Singapore-ETH Centre, NEC laboratory in Singapore.

Jan. 2019 Jinjia attended the international workshop on future media